Are Campers a Better Choice Than Hotels?

If you are interested in travelling across Australia, but do not wish to change hotel rooms night after night, renting a camper may be the solution for you. Let’s look at three ways that renting a camper is better than arranging hotel room stays.

  1. Cost

How does the cost compare? Many people automatically assume that using an RV or a camper will be more expensive. After all, they can be pretty luxurious, so the price must be, too. If it was really cheap, wouldn’t more people rent them? You might be surprised, however, to learn that a motorhome rental for ten days could cost you less than $600. This would be for a camper that can hold up to four people. Most hotel rooms cost around $100 a night. There is a difference right there in price. You can also choose to rent a slightly bigger camper for $800-$900. This option would still be cheaper than the typical hotel room over the course of your holiday. You may need to pay for parking costs some nights, but it depends on your route and your options. The fee is usually not much.

You can also lower your RV cost by taking a one-way trip somewhere. If a company needs to move its inventory, you may be able to help them. The cost per night will be greatly lowered (as low as $25 a night) and you will not need to pay anything for the miles you add on. What a great deal! You might not have known before that a motorhome could be comparable in price to more common accommodations, much less expensive.

  1. Family Time

Many times when your family is on holiday, you spend your time doing activities together. When you reach the hotel room, you are all tired or perhaps just bored. The hotel room does not offer many options for activities other than watching TV. So, your family will typically end up lying on the beds doing just that. However, in the camper rental option, your family will be able to spend the night around a campfire, perhaps roasting marshmallows or simply talking and enjoying nature.  The camper option gives your family that extra opportunity to spend quality time together.

  1. Convenience

If you are travelling across the country, you will need to change hotel rooms every time you change locations. The check-in, check-out times may not coincide with your itinerary, and you may be inconvenienced. Additionally, moving your things around so often will heighten the chances of misplacing your possessions. If you are in a rush to get out of the room so you can hit the road, you may forget to grab the charger out of the wall or the jacket off the back of the chair. If you are travelling in a campervan hire in Australia, you do not need to constantly move your things, and will be less likely to lose your belongings.

These three reasons show how renting a campervan can be more advantageous for your holiday than staying in hotel rooms would be.