Take Your Dog on a Hike

Most people like to go on great outdoor living hiking trips with family and friends, but why not take your dog along? If you’re planning a solo hike in the great outdoors, it can be a great companion for your great outdoor living trip. You may have already seen people who have taken their dogs out on the hiking trail and you can do the same. Of course, you will have to pick the right hiking trail that allows pets on the paths. Taking your dog out on a great outdoor living adventure can help the two of you bond, and plus it will be tons of fun!

Dogs were naturally in the wild before they became house pets, so it will be great to see your pup in its natural surroundings. Seeing how it reacts with mother nature can be very interesting. Also, it will give the both of you great physical exercise and will emotional stimulate your pet. It will also provide you with security while out in the wilderness. Now, before you just up and grab the leash, you have to make sure that the hiking trail that you’re going to is dog-friendly. You can contact the managing agency of the trail you’re planning to go to . Ask about the guidelines for bringing dogs if they are allowed on the trails, and make sure to abide by them while on your great outdoor living hike.

One of the top guidelines you may have to abide by is placing a leash on your dog. If it isn’t required, you might want to put one on anyway, especially if your dog isn’t used to roaming around great outdoor living areas. It will also help to keep your pup from running off and getting lost. The leash you buy should be about six feet long. If you decide not to put a leash on your dog and it isn’t required, make sure that your dog has great voice command.

Keep in mind the condition of your dog before taking it out on a great outdoor living hike. For instance, if your dog is younger than 14 months, you shouldn’t bring it along for the hike. If your dog is older than that, then you can take it on great outdoor living hikes that are not too long or strenuous. Don’t try to place a pack on your dog that is over 1/3 their weight. For beginner dogs, you should progress it into hiking. Start off with shorter hikes and gradually make them longer and longer. Ensuring that your dog is fit for great outdoor living hiking is very important. You can check with your veterinarian to make sure.

Make sure to store enough water for the both of you for the great outdoor living expedition. You shouldn’t feed your dog too much while on the trail, but you can give him treats here and there. Then if your dog leaves any droppings, make sure to properly dispose of them. If you need any gear for your great outdoor living hike, you can browse around our great outdoor living store for products.

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